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First make sure no one involved is injured, call the police then call J.D.'z Autobody & Paint.
For the quickest turn around we will get you an estimate and schedule your vehicle while getting your claim started within minutes. We will take care of all the paper work while working with all insurance companies from start to finish.
We will then upload the estimate to your insurance company along with pictures of the damage, schedule your vehicle and then order parts and get started.

Paintless Dent Repair1


After your vehicle is evaluated, it moves into the body shop, where we remove all parts requiring separate repair or replacement, and perform body and structural repair work.
Once body work is complete, your vehicle begins the painting and polish process. First, our painter utilize computer technology to find the exact color match based on manufacturer codes before applying fresh paint. Your vehicle is then polished and prepared for reassembly.
Once assembled, your vehicle is checked to ensure all authorized repair work is completed and that the job reflects our just like new standard.

Car Dashboard


As soon as your repair is complete we will contact you for the final inspection and paperwork, completing the final documentation and handing back your keys. 
Finally, you’ll drive away with our worry-free limited lifetime warranty which is given with your receipt.

Tow Truck
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